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Our objective in developing GolfCaptains is to free up the time and effort of the kind soul who volunteers to manage the golf group's availability to play, the games they play and each member's preferences. With a job often referred to as herding cats, a golf captain's job is a mix of communicator, social worker, information manager and planner.

We strive to relieve as much of the burden of being a captain as possible using, technology.

As co-founders, Peter Solano and Bob Hayum, we established the website in 2007, after experiencing firsthand the difficulties, and complexity, of being a golf captain. We both came from a technology consulting background, and knew there had to be a better solution to the onerous task of keeping track of emails, phone calls, napkin notes and spreadsheets.

As consultants we also know the value of keeping our captain's confidence in GolfCaptains at a high level. So, when you write to us with a question, comment or issue we get back to you within a day, or two at the most.

We are anxious to receive feedback from our members about our performance and in meeting their goals. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at connect@GolfCaptains.com.

GolfCaptains.com is a Golf Website and Software Application, owned by NaplesCentric LLC. It provides tools and resources to simplify, and minimize, the work effort that goes into being a Golf Captain.