Are you a Golf Captain? If you are the one everyone else counts on to set up tee times, do the golf pairings, select the day’s golf game and let everyone know when and where to show up: Then you are definitely a Golf Captain, and GolfCaptains is your on-line golf software solution.

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Group Captains

Our Golf Captains golf program is ideal for those who organize weekly team golf games of 8 or more members. It reduces the time you spend by 80% by giving your group golf members a simple way to manage their playing calendars. And, eliminates the need for spreadsheets, napkin notes and multiple phone calls.

Why Join GolfCaptains? For a nominal fee of $10 per member per year the Group Captains on line program provides a rich set of features that makes being a captain fun and easy. Your members will love it because everything they need to know is in one place and just a few clicks away.


To register as a Golf Captain, and setup your golf group, all you need to do is click on the Register button above, then complete a few simple steps:

Set Up Your Account
to set up your account you will be asked how many members will be in your golf group (there is a minimum of 8). Make sure you choose a number that is large enough to cover any anticipated growth during the season.

Group Profile
Enter the key information that defines your golf group: name, days of the week you play, etc.

Club Profile
Describe the courses your golf group plays.

Member Roster
Set up and manage your players.

Team Setup
This is where it all pays off. Pick a date, click how you want to generate your golf pairing (Random, ABCD or Flighted) and voila your team pairings are done. Of course you can change the team pairings if you like.

The GolfCaptains calendar is a great tool to manage member calendars, so you don't have to - And will generate teams in groups of three and four

Group Captain Features

  • Supports golf groups of unlimited number of group members and teams
  • Allows you to define the length of the season your golf group plays
  • Knows the days of the week that your golf group plays
  • Maintains your golf schedule with a profile and calendar for each member in the group so that it knows who is playing and who just dropped out
  • Gives you the option of having your members update their calendars by just updating the days they cannot play, or updating the days they can play
  • Allows members to easily toggle their calendar with their availability to play
  • Provides 3 ways to automatically generate the team pairings: 1) Balanced By Handicap (ABCD) 2) In Flights so that like handicap players can play together 3) Randomly if you are not using handicaps or just for a change
  • Allows the Golf Captain to easily switch players
  • Automatically adjusts when the teams may be a mix of fewer than 4 players and assigns the smallest team as the first team
  • Provides a Games Database that contains different golf games that your golf group can have fun playing
  • Emails all members, when you finalize game day, to view the details
  • Allows you and members to email each other within the GolfCaptains golf program
  • Provides a social calendar for members and guests to register for social activities and events
  • Maintains a profile of the courses you play
  • Gives the club pros the ability of viewing team pairing assignments to help manage their golf scheduling