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Group Captains

This program is ideal for those who organize weekly team golf games of 8 or more members. It greatly reduces the time you spend organizing your group, through a member calendar system that eliminates the need for spreadsheets, napkin notes and multiple phone calls. It is feature rich, easy to use and only costs $10 per member per year.

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GetAway Captains

If you would like use GolfCaptains for your annual golf getaway with your buddies, then we have a deal for you. You may use GolfCaptains for three weeks for only $5 per member.

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Team Pairing Options

GolfCaptains gives you 6 ways to easily generate your pairings:

  • Random – for smaller groups not using handicaps
  • Flighted – to break your members into like handicap teams
  • ABCD – to balance your players by handicap
  • Social – for larger groups to help improve player mix
  • 2Somes – to create 2 person AB teams
  • 3Somes – to create 3 person ABC teams

Note: During the free trial, only the Random option is available


GolfCaptains will calculate and display member handicaps for up to three tee boxes for each course you play.

Easy To Use

GolfCaptains simplifies the way you and your members communicate:

  • Members can easily update their calendar with the days they can and cannot play
  • Member calendars are used to provide one-click generation of team pairings
  • Captains can easily switch players between teams
  • Guests are automatically paired with their sponsoring member
  • Email all members with one-click
  • Members can view their tee times, team pairings, and game day notes
  • Each course you play has its own profile
  • Club pros have the ability to view tee time requests and pairings
  • The Golf Game Database allows you to include different games in your game day notes
  • The Social Calendar allows members to sign up for social activities and events